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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Just in time for Hallowe'en

Hubby came up behind me while I was mixing and pouring Colin's many supplements and cackled, "Double, double, toil and trouble!"

(Actually, he said "bubble, bubble," but I couldn't bear to correct him and prove, for the hundredth time this morning alone, what an absolute and utter nerd I am. I learned that lesson the day I corrected his "out, out, damned spot".)

He was right about one thing. Hunching over my many oddly-shaped, oversized, sloshing buckets of god-knows-what, I did resemble nothing more than a witch. Not the earth-loving, tree-hugging, New Millennium Wiccan kind, but the good old-fashioned MacBeth kind.

In our search for "the cure," Colin no longer gets Just Apple Juice. Here's what he gets:

1/4 cup Pedialyte (to hold in minerals he is low on)
1 tsp. DMG
1 tsp. Mineral-Chi Tonic
two crushed Vitamin B-6 tablets

I think that's about it. Soon to come: Natural Calm with calcium, magnesium, zinc and something else. I don't remember what. Bat's wing, probably. Oh, and then we'll be starting his anti-fungal protocol.

Colin is good about taking all this...even the gritty stuff. What a good boy.

I laugh about it now...but hope springs in my heart every time I mix and slosh. And it will keep springing until who knows when. Until, I guess, it either works or doesn't.


Blogger Soapbox mom said...

Thought you might find this post interesting.

Be sure to watch the video clips, and check out the list of supplements that a child (JB Handley's son, the same JB Handley of Generation Rescue fame) takes daily. Sheesh.

12:51 PM  
Blogger Not HER Again said...

Holy freaking hannah!

10:56 PM  
Blogger Lillian said...

Hi Not Her again:

"I laugh about it now...but hope springs in my heart every time I mix and slosh. And it will keep springing until who knows when. Until, I guess, it either works or doesn't."

Could this be what I think it is? A fellow mom who tries, yet sees the humor of the situation, who doesn't preach for either of the polar camps, and just plays the mid-field ? Who (OMG, dare I say the unthinkable) actually dislikes autism and what it can do to our kids ?
I so relate to your statement above, it's not even funny.
I'm glad I found your blog via SM's , I read a few of your entries and really enjoyed them.
BTW- I also have a baby 1 month oder than Evan !!!

9:14 PM  
Blogger Not HER Again said...

Thanks for the kind words, Lillian!

Yes, it's true. One hundred percent true. I DO feel sad sometimes that Colin has autism. Sad for him...not me. I'm a selfish person by nature, and if I let myself, I could just love him this way forever...until *I died*...and HE was all alone, unable to care for himself. Somehow...I just don't feel comfortable letting things happen that way.


But yeah. I try hard to stay out of the debates because everybody just gets hurt.

11:16 PM  
Blogger Not HER Again said...

Oh, your baby a boy or a girl? Damn. I wish you had a blog for me to put these questions in...instead of talking to myself on this one.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Lillian said...

Yes, debates can get to you after a while. Even "healthy" ones.
But sometimes it can be addictive, you keep saying "that's it" and then you go back for more.
I post on a forum which has stirred much controversy and has a franchise in blog-ville- so I just followed the links and opened an even bigger door- the BLOGS. Wow, was I naive. I lost my blog virginity to Soapbox mom (never previously had set eye on blog), and followed a downward spiral from there- which DH wants me to stop immediately or else:). The forum's most heated debates are G-rated compared to what I found in blogs. If you read between the words of wisdom there are some serious personal attacks going on way past the autism issue.
On the one hand- the mercury police. On the other hand the "autism is beautiful" people.
So I'm starting to wonder where a confused, average, jaded, autism-disliking , future-fearing mom can find her niche.
I guess in your blog :) ?

2 comments on your recent posts:
-let me know if that supplement called "calcium calm" (or something like that) does anything good- if yes, I'll order the intravenous form
-re: talking to your son when you are driving- you said something like it doesn't matter- I think it matters HUGELY !!!

And- thanks for asking, my baby is a girl- I assume both of us are on tremendous autism-watch with the babies, aren't we? I just hope I'm not stressing her out too much in the process.


8:31 PM  

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