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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Are We Too Attached? (4.17.06)

Okay. The countdown to Baby Evan begins. We think he will arrive somewhere around June 10th. That gives us seven and a half more weeks to prepare the king of the castle, Lord Colin.

I had thought by this point, Colin (who will be nearly three in June) would be mature and separated enough from me--in a healthy, independent way, of course--to be able to accept another human being in my lap.

But lately I'm just not so sure.

Maybe it's the way I have to let him into the bathroom when I pee, because the separation is just too much for him otherwise.

Or perhaps it's the way he kisses me and then thrusts his face fully against mine in order to be able to fall asleep. (Nothing like being breathed wetly on for an hour while the child "settles in".)

Still...little children are supposed to love their mothers. Aren't they? And anyway, it's not like we're TOO attached or anything. Right?**

But it does concern me a little that I have to literally peel him from my body in order to simply turn over in bed. (Cosleeping has new meaning: Colin apparently is going to be crashing in from his Psych 101 class and saying, "Oh man, I'm bushed. Move over, Dad.")

Oh well. Eventually he'll be pretending he doesn't know me--so I'd better enjoy this while it lasts!

**That really was just a case anyone thinks I'm poking fun at people with actual anomalies. It's movie makeup, not the real deal.


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