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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Baby Sh*t (4.25.06)

Well, not literally.

Okay, we think we have the date all set for my C-section with Evan. It will probably be June 8th.
We discussed June 6th, 06 but have decided against that date.

It is very weird to be choosing the date of one's child's birth. Should I be doing this by astrology or something? What if the 9th would have been a good date but the 8th means he'll have club feet and be a Republican?

It's a little weird, but...well, we've gotta pick SOME date or other. So, folks, pencil it in. Mel gets cut, trussed and sewn on June 8th!

We are all excited to meet Evan! Well, except for Colin, who loves to smack me in the expanding gut with his DVDs.


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