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Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Okay,'s long been established that I am just NOT cool.

Living near Los Angeles, the hotseat of "cool," has only driven the fact home to me.

How terribly embarrassing...

I am so uncool that I didn't even know you're supposed to spell it "unkewl".

I am so uncool that my three-year-old is embarrassed to be seen with me.

And how uncool is this? I still say "awesome." (Blushing mightily at that admission.)

Oh, I make my attempts. Somehow that only seems to make it worse. "Yo, ho, homedog," I might say to my husband, "Whaddup? What's the 911? I mean the star-69. Listen, G, the dinner-izzle is in the oven-ozzle..."

'Round about this point my husband runs away in horror, shouting over his shoulder, "I WISH you would stop following me, you perfect stranger whom I don't know and have never met and, well, don't know. Now GO AWAY..."

Then he puts on his sunglasses. Helps waylay identification later.

To heck with him anyway! I'm the O-G with the 8-8-8 and if he doesn't know it, well...he's just a dizzle.


Blogger Weaver said...

It's amazing, isn't it? (You know what's terrible... I had no idea how to punctuate that sentence).

But anyway, why do you have to sound like a basket case to be "kewl".

Ya dawg whats the 411?
Nutin. Just gon o'er ta loc g's crib to grizzle a coupla be-lunts on the d-low.

What the FUCK. There are perfectly good words invented for these things already.

I agree with ya, and since I can't give kudos here I'll just say,

Givin props to my ho cuz she's fly.

10:04 PM  

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