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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Depressed and Angry (4.27.06)

Okay, fuck being cute, funny and glib.

Colin had his assessment to receive services through the school district once he turns three in July. The assessor says he is not only speech delayed, he is cognitively delayed.

Code for "He is mentally retarded."

Except they don't SAY "retarded" anymore. That would be like calling an indigenous American an "Indian" or calling an Asian "Oriental". It makes perfect sense, though. After all, if we don't CALL him retarded then suddenly he'll have more than a five-word vocabulary, right? All of a sudden, he'll completely understand us when we say "Colin, go get your cup and hand it to me." He will catch RIGHT up to his peers. If only we avoid the word. Right?

God damned fucking hypocritical, if you ask me. Or even if you don't.

My head hurts. I'm going to bed. I'll write something funny later. Much later. When I don't feel like raging against God or whatever passes for it anymore.


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