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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Okay. Well, yeah. He's here! (6.16.06)

How's THAT for a strong title! Yep. He's here!

I haven't blogged since before I received my Evan-ectomy on June 9th. It went well. Although C-sections hurt like a bitch! really wasn't bad, as far as belly-slicings go. I held Dave's hand so tightly I thought it might just fall off and he'd only be left with one. And to make matters worse, it was his mouse and joystick hand. That could have been bad!

In the end, though, Evan arrived at 11:36 AM, crying loudly, looking very strong and very very very very cute! (I'm not biased, though. He just IS cute. Also, I'm allowed to say that because just like my other two...this one does NOT look like me. He's his father all over again, only with brown hair.) His eyes already look dark blue. I think they'll be either blue or hazel. And he has golden-brown hair.

Evan's stats:

Weight: 7 lbs., 14 smallest baby ever! (Joey was 8-4 and Colin was 9-1, but they were both on time and Evan was a week early.)

Length: 20 inches (Same as Joey!--2 inches shorter than Colin.)

Apgar score (health score): 9 at one minute; 9 at 5 minutes (Those are good scores.)We love him...he is so funny...he makes funny faces and he smiles constantly, and not just in his sleep, either.

He's amazing!


Blogger Weaver said...

How come when I got 9's on tests in school they were bad but for your new pup and his apgar tests they're good? No justice.

2:39 AM  

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